Transport by Road

Leda offers fast and efficient road freight transportation across the UK and beyond, with flexible and efficient solutions for the movement of goods, with accessibility to both urban and remote areas.

Leda can offer dedicated transport, solely for your shipment, taking your load directly to your destination - it's never co-loaded, never transhipped, and never transferred to a different vehicle.

Leda can help you leverage freight forwarding, groupage or warehousing services to drive economy in costs.

We offer various cargo types, from part loads up to oversized or abnormal loads.

We're specialists in secure loads, fragile and temperature controlled transport, and hazardous loads.

We can leverage specialist vehicles to get your job done - for example, sliding roof or tail lift vehicles, safety rail and Hi Ab.

Leda's partners use the latest technology in route planning, allowing for optimised schedules and efficient logistics operations.

There are around 465,000 licensed heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in the UK - Leda can find exactly the right service for you.

Let us take it from here...

"Our road transport services are flexible and versatile. Whatever your needs, I'm confident we can deliver."

Kirsty - Leda Road Freight Expert

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