Manchester transport

By road

Manchester has a well-developed road freight transport network, with several major motorways and A roads passing through or near the city. The M60 motorway provides a ring road around the city, while the M6 and M62 connect Manchester to other parts of the country. However, issues such as congestion and emissions pose challenges for freight operators.

By sea

Manchester is an inland city and does not have direct access to the sea. However, the Port of Liverpool, which is located about 30 miles away, provides a vital link for sea freight transport to and from the region. The port handles a range of cargo, including container, bulk, and roll-on/roll-off shipments.

By air

Manchester Airport is the main air freight hub for the North West of England, providing connections to domestic and international markets. The airport has a dedicated cargo facility and can accommodate a range of cargo aircraft. Air freight is particularly important for the transportation of time-sensitive and high-value goods, such as electronics and pharmaceuticals.

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